Wednesday, August 6, 2014


It has happened. After nearly 30 years of being faithful to the wife, I gave in. Needless to say, she is beyond upset and may never forgive me. I have accepted responsibility for my actions but the pain that I have caused is massive. Our lives will probably never be the same.

It was an allure that could not be resisted. There before me was the temptation - dressed in ocean blue with an accent of green. So beautiful, so confident, so seductive.

Despite the hurt that I have caused, I will not sway from my new love.

I have become a Seattle Seahawks fan.

Go 'hawks!

Readers, enjoy your day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


One of my two readers asked me how I would compare the two states in which I used to and currently reside. First of all, while I have great affection for each locale, there are some distinct differences. Here goes:

Colorado: NRA
Washington: NPR

Colorado: Tall mountains
Washington: Tall ships

Colorado: Coors Light
Washington: Bellingham Imperial Stout

Colorado: Hamburger
Washington: Salmon burger

Colorado: Rush Limbaugh
Washington: Rush to 5:00 happy hour

Colorado: Peyton Manning
Washington: Russell Wilson

Colorado: Pine beetles
Washington: The Beatles

Colorado: Black Labrador Retriever
Washington: Animal shelter mutt

Colorado: Cutthroat trout
Washington: Chinook salmon

Colorado: Woolly mammoths
Washington: Woolly hats

Colorado: Open range
Washington: Free range chicken

Colorado: Skis
Washington: Brewskis

Colorado: Sunny weeks
Washington: Sunny minutes

Colorado: Ford Explorer
Washington: Toyota Prius

Colorado: Willie Nelson
Washington: Miles Davis

Colorado: Taco salad
Washington: Crab Louie

Colorado: Fender Stratocaster
Washington: Gibson J-45

Colorado: Sunglasses
Washington: Wine glasses

Colorado: Hiking boots
Washington: Rubber boots

Colorado: Distrust politicians
Washington: Distrust politicians

Readers, enjoy your day.